• RESEARCH: Analyze user research to understand what needs fans have when coming to the site. 

  • SITE AUDIT: Audit current site to understand potential frustration points of users. 

  • PROBLEM: Define key problems of site to solve in redesign. 

  • LANDSCAPE ANALYSIS: Audit other content heavy sites within sports industry and outside of the industry. 

  • REQUIREMENTS: Work within MLS standards, advertising requirements and fans needs to come up with solution. 

  • CONTENT AUDIT: Look at existing content of all site pages. Look for simplifications and better groupings. 

  • INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE: Develop site map with simplifications and intuitive groupings for fans. 

  • SKETCH: Using paper and pencil, sketch multiple options for page designs and iterate with team. 

  • WIREFRAMES: Produce multiple concepts that were presented to stakeholders to inform their website redesign.